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Resurge Pills

Resurge Pills

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Resurge Pills Reviews

Resurge Pills Reviews

Many people experience insomnia that they fear will one day drive them crazy. This situation extends to them for several years, in which they resort to every possible method and medicine to get an hour of sleep.

With the grace of God, a so-called cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) has emerged, and it is specifically intended for this group that has been suffering from years of chronic insomnia.

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Resurge Reviews

This kind of treatment is based on abandoning the idea of ​​”How will I sleep tonight?” To fix the method of dealing with sleep in general. Below we explain how things originally went in the direction of chronic insomnia:

1. Something prevents you from sleeping: the door that closes forcefully, the inconvenience of children, the phone ringing, the thought of work … etc.

2. Do the next day what you are expected to do: a one or two hour delay in awakening, or an afternoon nap. Whatever it is, what you did is an attempt to make up for the lost hours of your sleep yesterday, and that is a good thing if it works. But what if you can’t sleep during the day?

3. What if you can’t sleep well the next night? Here you enter into the anxiety of not sleeping, “How will I sleep tonight?”, Even though the root of the problem does not exist now, which is ringing the phone, annoying children, or thinking about work.

The sooner you sleep, the more anxiety, stress, and thinking you get: “How will I sleep tonight?” From here the bed becomes a place of anxiety and tension, not rest and relaxation, and this increases when sleep does not really come to you and another idea appears, “Oh my God, it is another sleepless night, I will stay up all night.” You Can Use Resurge Supplement to Sleep like a baby

Often sleep will not come to sleep for someone who thinks anxiously

The biggest reason to sleep away from the rest of his chronic insomnia is his striving endeavor to make up for the missed hours of sleep in a classy night and your constant focus on the idea of ​​”How will I sleep tonight?”

When insomnia persists for a long time, most of us change their lifestyle and program their day, trying to get enough sleep:

1. Going to bed early, unusually: In order to get more hours of sleep. He is probably not ready to sleep, so he spends hours awake, anxious and tense. Here the bed becomes a place of anxiety and stress, after it was a place of rest and sleep.

2. Staying in bed and waking up late after a restless night is tired: This behavior, even if it seemed logical and comfortable at first, may confuse the time to sleep the next night, especially with the insistence to go to bed early, which increases the connection of the bed to anxiety and stress, no Sleep and rest.

3. Staying in bed waiting for sleep even if it is late: Some explain this behavior by saying: “I will be in bed until he finds me ready ready when he comes.” As if sleep came and did not find him in bed, he went to others and left him. The result, of course, is not sleep, but rather long hours of self-alertness training, waiting in anxiety and ensuring that sleep comes.

4. Snooze during the day: Short naps may not be bad at all, especially if they are not late, but frequent naps and long sleep during the day and late, undoubtedly bless the time of sleep and make it more difficult and complicated.

5. Use hypnotics: such as some antidepressants, allergies, and others. Although these drugs may come asleep, it is a light, discontinuous and uncomfortable sleep. In addition, there is a conditional link between sleep and these drugs or the so-called psychological addiction, where you worry if you do not use them, making you sure that you will not sleep after that without it, which increases the difficulty of getting into sleep.

All of these behaviors make sleeping harder and make insomnia chronic longer

Resurge Diet Supplement

Here comes the effective role of Resurge Diet Supplement in changing these behaviors:

1. Determine the appropriate time for sleep and to wake up from sleep: After careful monitoring of the patient’s condition, and the number of hours of sleep he actually needs, according to his age and lifestyle. When we go to bed and we always get up at the same time, we train our bodies and brains to expect to sleep at a certain time and prepare for it.

2. Adherence to the sleep schedule regardless of the quality of sleep the night before: The Resurge Pills recommendation is very important to block the way to a return to behaviors that lead to sleep disturbance and cause chronic insomnia. When your sleep is disturbed for some reason, and then you stick to your usual waking time, you increase your chance of getting better sleep the next night.

3. Avoid sleeping during the day: Every hour that you stay awake during the day is an investment in night sleep, because you will go to bed in your usual time while you need and are ready to sleep.

4. Get out of bed when sleep is late: Get up from your bed as soon as you feel that sleep is not close, or as soon as you get anxious, and do not return to it unless you really feel sleep. The intention is to reconnect bed, rest and sleep, and to unlink bed, anxiety and insomnia.

5. Not to use drugs to sleep: These drugs lose consciousness but do not give you a good natural sleep. On the other hand, CBT-I makes your body dependent on its natural abilities to introduce you and continue a comfortable natural sleep, without the need to consume external chemicals or herbal substances.

The common factor in these directives is that they look at the issue of sleep in a longitudinal way and not a cross-sectional look for one night. “How will I sleep tonight?”

How many nights did you spend in anxiety and insomnia … waiting for sleep? If you are willing to sacrifice a few more nights but for the right goal, you will most likely overcome the problem of insomnia..and you will return, God willing, to enjoy normal sleep again.

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